Panorama The Wall - A Muralla

The Wall – A Muralla

Exhibition at the Museo Provincial de Lugo, from 15.7.2010 to 30.9.2010.

Images from the Wall of Lugo, a tribute for the 10th anniversary of declaration as a World Heritage .

This cultural heritage ( 330 DC ) is shown as a monument of public use in the architectural context inside the city of Lugo, recently portrayed and presented with 25 photographs of large size.

The project’s intention is to reflect the difference with other heritages, of it’s public use. The wall invites for jogging, walking path or taking a rest. Supports the construction, houses attached drawing the wall, as the architectural evolution all around gives an actual coexistence with new buildings.

The wall creates a space of high contrast, which changes its face with the various lights of the annual seasons in the varied climate of Galicia.

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Magical World – Mundo Mágico

Exhibition at the Campus Estellae gallery, Santiago de Compostela, from 18.11.2011 to 31.1.2012.

Project about the Celtic Villages in Galicia/Spain, capture on infrared Film in analogical Photography. Realized from 2001 to 2005 over the whole Galician territory. All processing made by the Author, Fine Art Printing with different toners.

Try capturing timeless images between surreal and the invisible and leave room for the imagination, about a little known culture while preserving the excitement of their places.

A work to contemplate our relationship about time, which we normally count in human generations.

Tempo Escuro

Dark Times – Tempo Escuro

Exhibition at the Museo do Mar, Vigo, from 13.11.2010 to 27.2.2011.

Documentation of the ecological disaster that led the tanker “Prestige” at the Coast of Death (Costa da Morte), A Coruña (Spain) in 2002. Realized during the first five weeks in sparsely populated areas, a sad 60 Images documentation.

Since 1998 living in Malpica, A Coruña and walked out with my camera to visit my favorite places, without thinking about a project nor the disaster that lasted so long.

Photography in black and white, used over ten kinds of different types of negatives, all personal processed as Fine Art Printing with eleven classes of papers and several toners.

I found the abstract by looking at the catastrophe that was happening at sea, invisible from the land side.

Dark Times